The Web Series That Started It All.

Sometimes the show gets a little crazy. Kind of like life. Nobody is sorry about the complicated, sometimes scary, sometimes gorgeous moments caught on camera. It is in those messy, emotional, difficult-to-comprehend, impossible-to-articulate moments that history is made.

Resident Undead was Adam Kimmell’s first passion project. What started as just a YouTube channel turned into an endeavor for the history books. It’s a show about ghosts, yes, but it’s nothing like the kinds of things you see on TV because it is about ghosts AND so much more than that.

The series has roots that dig so deep into the souls of the people who produce & appear on it. From beginning to current affairs, the show documents the evolution of a person’s propensity for facing fear in the interest of pursuing both the stories of other people (ghosts) and building a personal story + legacy to go down in history. It is about what it looks like to look fear in the face and tell it to get behind you… all in the interest of really living big.

On Resident Undead, you watch Adam, Becca and their friends go from their college years to adulthood, all while putting themselves out there in the interest of exploring (intellectually, irrelevantly, unapologetically, wildly & passionately) something that amounts to an idea larger than any one person.

Ghosts are, after all, what we leave behind when we finish living and doing this complicated thing called, “Life.” If there is a bottom line to the show, it’s this: make every moment count.