Our Team

Legacy matters to us. We want the stories they tell about us in 100 years to be absolutely epic. Meet the people who fight for Madison Seminary every day.

If we're placing bets, we're all in on the passionate ones, the dreamers & the spitfires. America was founded on those principles. What you do today matters. YOU matter. Your choices ARE history. Putting belief into action with Madison Seminary was the scariest choice we could have made.
Every day. Every decision. Every word. It matters. What you choose to do with your every second will become a yesterday in a matter of hours. YOU MATTER. YOU are history in the making. So be the change you want to see in the world. See you in the history books in 100 years.
Be a dreamer. Be different. Think outside the box. Those are the people who change the world. Think: Benjamin Franklin. Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Edison. Susan B. Anthony. Harriet Tubman. John Adams. These are all the names of rebels. People who refused to be stuck in someone else's version of what life should be.
Adam Kimmell on why what we're doing at Madison Seminary matters. We're restoring a building and making our mark on history. Leave a legacy. Change the world for the better.

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