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Resident Undead | A documentary

Resident Undead has always believed in making Ripples in Time. What started as a wild adventure through our college years became something that we would never let go of. It became the ultimate artistic endeavor, a living and breathing metaphor, not to mention a personification of fear that gave us the vehicle we were looking for to help people overcome their biggest fears and chase whatever it is that matters to them.  

We were most excited, I think, when the show started to resonate with people on that level. When people began to draw pictures of scenes (or of us) or report in that something we'd done on the show or in our social media had really mattered to them.  (Speaking of! This drawing was created by Julie Garringer).

Mad Mantras | Listen to our Podcast NOW!

We've learned to trust in forces bigger than us - whether you call that God, or Karma, or the Universe or the power of positive thinking ... whatever it is that YOU call it, that's what we've learned is strong enough to take on the wildest and craziest people of all (you know I'm talking about US). After all, whatever that force is, it took these wild artist souls and gave us this huge (700,000 square foot) gift. That's where we are right now. That trust fall into madness changed our lives FOREVER. 

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