Adam Kimmell took risks to make his dream of saving & making history come true. He purchased Madison Seminary in 2016 after filming an episode for his web series there. It has since been his wild and unapologetic mission to not only make this place thrive, but to help others realize their dreams, go on their own adventures and make their own history. 

Madison Seminary is our biggest & scariest adventure. Not just because people think the building haunted (even though they do) but because we risked everything to chase what we believed in & we have had quite the fight to keep it standing strong, beautiful & tall.

We are here to share our adventure with you because YOU are made of history. YOU are the future.

Stay MAD & make the history books.

Visit us at Madison Seminary in Madison, Ohio (BOOK NOW at the top of your screen).

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Introducing the RU Media Network

Introducing the RU Media Network

The RU Media Network (in association with RU Media and Other Side Studios) was officially founded on July 26th, 2017. Following the 5 year run of “Into the Other Side Paranormal Talk Radio” (which you can now find under the new title “Other Side Radio” on Facebook and Spreaker) network director, David Woolever, officially brought the show and audience to its new home under the RU Media (Resident Undead) banner with the help and support of Adam Kimmell and Rebecca Kirschbaum.

Now, under this new direction, the network has become a prime destination for content creators to showcase their talents and and produce high quality programming.

The RU Media Network is a central hub for creators in the Paranormal field. We specialize in producing web series, documentaries, radio programming, podcasts, and more!

If you are a content creator and are interested in joining the network, or have some ideas for programming, please feel free to contact us!

Learn more!

Mad Con 2 & Easton Musgrove

Mad Con 2 & Easton Musgrove