Madison Seminary

Adam Kimmell took risks to make his dream of saving & making history come true. He purchased Madison Seminary in 2016 after filming an episode for his web series there. It has since been his wild and unapologetic mission to not only make this place thrive, but to help others realize their dreams, go on their own adventures and make their own history. 

Madison Seminary is our biggest & scariest adventure. Not just because people think the building haunted (even though they do) but because we risked everything to chase what we believed in & we have had quite the fight to keep it standing strong, beautiful & tall.

We are here to share our adventure with you because YOU are made of history. YOU are the future.

Stay MAD & make the history books.

Visit us at Madison Seminary in Madison, Ohio (BOOK NOW at the top of your screen).

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Mad Mantras | Listen to our Podcast NOW!

Mad Mantras | Listen to our Podcast NOW!

We've learned a lot of lessons along this journey of exploring and restoring an old, historical property. We've coupled that with ALL. THE. THINGS. we learned from filming our YouTube series, Resident Undead. I think, above all, we've learned that being MAD PASSIONATE and staying MAD enough to make the history books is not only what changes your life for the better, it's what brings your tribe of best friends together. We've learned to trust in forces bigger than us - whether you call that God, or Karma, or the Universe or the power of positive thinking ... whatever it is that YOU call it, that's what we've learned is strong enough to take on the wildest and craziest people of all (you know I'm talking about US). After all, whatever that force is, it took these wild artist souls and gave us this huge (700,000 square foot) gift. That's where we are right now. That trust fall into madness changed our lives FOREVER. 

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Mad Mantras | Live true, huge, loud and MAD

Mad Mantras | Live true, huge, loud and MAD