The MAD Project

Only the MAD make the history books.

The MAD Project is about being MAD in all the ways a person can be MAD. We are MAD: insane in the way a group of people would have to be to fight for a building when the odds are stacked against them. We are MAD: fighters who have learned to channel MADNESS at injustice in positive ways. And we are MAD in the descriptive way: MAD passionate about history, filled with MAD love for community and MAD obsessed with the building, (Mad)ison Seminary, we purchased and chose to begin our lives with in 2016, the year our entire country went a little MAD. 

This is our MAD lifestyle. Welcome to Madison Seminary. 



We had to be completely MAD to stick with a project where those odds kept stacking against us. But in the end I would rather be MAD than I would be anything else.
— Becca, 2016