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Only the MAD make the history books.

We like your STILE, Elizabeth Stiles. You were a patriot and a warrior who fought for the equal America we know today. We are so proud to be part of your powerful legacy.


Madison Seminary is composed of two treasured historical buildings. 

The Ohio Cottage was completed in 1891. It is 25,136 square feet and has 63 rooms. 

What we, The Mad Crew, call "The Civil War" building was completed in 1859. It is 6,120 square feet, has 23 rooms and 3 floors.

There is a garage out back that we use for maintenance and storage purposes. It is not open to the public and was built in 1925.

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Elizabeth Stiles

Elizabeth Stiles watched her husband as he was murdered in cold blood by a Confederate sympathizer. Legend has it, Elizabeth was said to be "too pretty to shoot." | The MAD make the history books & Elizabeth FOUGHT BACK as a Union spy.

Letter from Abraham Lincoln to Elizabeth Stiles, who spent her final days at Madison Seminary.

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln sent a letter to Union spy, Elizabeth Stiles, in 1863. Elizabeth Stiles was a resident at Madison Seminary when it was the Madison Home operated by the Women's Relief Corps. Ten months after her husband's murder, Abraham Lincoln reached out to Elizabeth DIRECTLY and requested her service as a spy for the Union.  


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Opportunity Village

In June 30, 1962, the building was an extension of Apple Creek Hospital and a women's reformatory. It housed honor inmates like spree killer Blanche Jacobs who, in 1956, stabbed and killed a couple when they caught her in a check forgery scheme.