Resident Undead is the YouTube series & production company Adam & Rebecca started in college. This is the OFFICIAL YouTube Channel affiliated with The MAD Project & Madison Seminary.  

RU produces a paranormal web series that started as a crazy adventure that taught us a lot about psychology, ghosts and culture (and who we were as people). As we got older and learned more, we chose to stick with RU and we filled it with our values. We care about love, friendship, strength and loyalty ... & of course we love a good ghost story. We have a ton of theory and stuff in the episodes ... and a lot of what happens in them is based on our perceptions on either what is there or what imprint (based on lots of people believing in something) is there.  

It's scary! Parents should watch with their kids. 

We have two new initiatives right now: a positive internet environment (so we block a lot of people who have nothing nice to say) & girl power.