Adam & Becca

Adam Kimmell took risks to make his dream of saving & making history come true. He purchased Madison Seminary in 2016 after filming an episode for his web series there. It has since been his wild and unapologetic mission to not only make this place thrive, but to help others realize their dreams, go on their own adventures and make their own history. 

My name is Rebecca and I have been working with Adam to document this, the adventure (and risk) of a lifetime.

(Mad)ison Seminary was the ultimate adventure. There were many tears (me) and so. many. battles. with unforeseen circumstances to keep not only the building, but the team’s *dreams* alive. 


People say Madison Seminary is the most haunted place in Northeast, Ohio. We'd tend to agree with that. We believe in ghosts. That's actually how we met. In 2012, I joined Adam’s film crew for the YouTube show he makes, Resident Undead (cast members & former cast members seen on Destination America, Travel Channel, SyFy & Bio Networks).

Filming: that's also how we both discovered Madison Seminary. Adam filmed at Madison Seminary in 2013 & I filmed there with him in 2016. The rest is history. Now we spend all of our spare time & resources fighting for this place we love & believe in so much. 


For us, this is obviously about ghosts (because that's what we do) but even if you're not into that kind of thing? This is about what it means & what it looks like to save history. 

When our struggle grew immensely due to pressures placed on us by external forces, we learned just what it means to be truly MAD enough to make the history books. For us, the struggles of Elizabeth Stiles (the lady Civil War spy who died here at Madison Seminary) were contextualized in this huge way. If we thought the idea of losing everything to crappy circumstances beyond our control was scary & hard, what was it like to be Elizabeth? She lost her husband, the love of her life, & used that heartbreak & grief to fuel her service to Abraham Lincoln as a spy for the Union. Adam & I were scared & stressed, sure. We knew that compared to those major moments in history, though, we were small fries. 

That's where it came from. The whole STAY MAD mantra for (Mad)ison Seminary. From the very center of our souls, we believe the motivation & fire in MADNESS leads to GREATNESS.  


We have an amazing team of people who have truly revolutionized our lives by their selflessness & friendship in our time of need & we will never be able to express our gratitude. 

As for hauntings? We invite you to come see for yourself. We'd love for you to share our greatest adventure, yet. 

Hope to see you soon & thank you from the very bottom of my heart for helping us to save history. 


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